I was hired at my Local Napa Autocare in July 2014, got canned a few days ago for disputing a job with the manager.

I have witnessed these people try and sell a tune up to someone who was burning 4 quarts of oil per oil change, telling the customer the bad plugs were causing and oil change. The issue is internal, either the piston rings are shot and the oil is coming from below the crankcase, or the oil is leaking into the combustion chamber from the cylinder heads.

About a week ago a customer came in to get an oil change and had a loud rattling noise coming from the engine bay. I was instructed to try and sell an Engine Treatment with PTFE due to "abnormal engine noise" by a co-worker who didn't even lift the hood to see where the noise was coming from. I raised the hood, asked the customer to start the vehicle and heard the exhaust manifold heat shield rattling loudly, also could smell exhaust. I informed the customer of the issue.

The day I got canned I was supposed to replace a wheel bearing on an older model Cadillac. Owner had no clue what side it was. So I grabbed the driver front at 12 and 6, could detect no play at all. Did the same to the passenger side, and could feel play and heard the rotor knocking against the hub.

I informed the lead tech, who immediately took it out for a test drive and came back stating the driver side was bad. I refused to replace the good bearing and returned up front to the lube shop. I was canned less than 30 minutes later.

Folks, Dealerships are more honest than this franchise. Stay away to avoid unnecessary repairs and drama.

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