I went to Napa for a wheel alignment the car was vibrating a bit at high speeds. they perform the alignment took it for a test drive and said everything was okay.

I get in the car to go for a drive and noticed the steering wheel was a bit to the right went back and complain about it. they said they'll take care of it but since I have errands to run I said I'll come back the next day. the next day a different mechanic try to do the alignment he actually perform the alignment 3 times he couldn't get it right I ended up taking the car like way out of whack it was driving a horrible way out of alignment. they told me that the control arm was bent.

I went to a different mechanic for a second opinion. now these are hardcore mechanics they have a very good reputation. they perform the alignment in about 30 minutes out if I was out of there the car was driving straight as an arrow no problems no issues no band control arm. now I'm really pissed off went back to Napa on demand a refund.

they wanted to give me only have the refund because they try they put an effort into it. but I was so pissed I did not want to compromise they were supposed to perform a service and they did not perform it well so I wanted my money back.

lesson learned don't go to Napa there a bunch of amateurs they would never be hired by real mechanic shop this guys suck I would never recommend this clowns to my worst enemy. save yourself a headache and go to a real mechanic.

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