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The Napa autocare @ 9123 E Southern Ave

Mesa, AZ 85209 told me i needed an engine replaced for a blown spark plug. with over $ 7208.00 spent the won't honor the warranty .

They want another 496.45 $ to repair a intake manifold gasket that leaks. Said it's not covered under warranty. NAPA autocare doesnt warranty work done by another shop. When it says NATION WIDE PEACE OF MIND warranty.

Don't believe it. I was told they don't . You're on your own for warranty work .

Napa auto has no honor. Buyer beware they will cheat you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Napa Autocare Center Repair.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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You calling it ok does'nt make it OK. Get real .

Did'nt you read my review . it was a 2001 ford 250 . And i did go to a differant Nappa .

same bull . In my opinion i got robbed .


Even under the NAPA AUTO CARE banner. you still might have a crappy owner of that shop.

Ther is alot of GREAT auto technicains out there. Their are also alot of butchers out there that shouild not be even in the busines.. Call Corporate and complain. Also the instake gaskets should have been repalced as parts of the Engine job.

I would have MANNED up fixed your problem, but that's just me.

If that mechanic need to replace an engine because of a blown spark plug, he/she should not be in this business. IT makes it BAD for the rest of us.


Do you know that every Napa autocare center is individually owned and operated? What you should have done is contacted the corporate napa and complained about this particular shop.

It's not napa that ripped you off; it's the owner of that shop. If napa knew about it they would probably have revoked his status as an autocare. Throwing the name napa under the bus is incorrect completely. I had a repair done at a napa autocare center and broke down on my road trip.

went to another napaautocare in a different state and used my warranty. it was no big deal! get angry at the shop not the napa name.

It's like a AAA status of a hotel. If the hotel sucks, AAA will remove their rating!


7k for an engine?

What are you driving, a Lear jet?

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