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From 2/22/2015 - 2/25/2015 this past few days ago, I found a fluid leak - orange colored coming from underneath my truck. I drove my truck down to Napa AutoCare (Amerikar) , and spoke with Ninous (Nick) Sargony, aka Nick. Here is our conservation:

My response: "Nick my truck has a leak can you take it in and perform a diagnostic"

His response: "If you leave it with me for a few hours, I'll find the problem."

My response: "Okay and call me when possible".

His response: "I will"

After 2 hours passed, I decided to call him:

His response: "Well, it's a Timing Chain Cover Leak",

My response: "Okay, what is total cost, that is, can you estimate it?"

His response: "it will be between $1300-1500 to complete the service and repair the problem. We have to drop the engine to get to the proble."

My response: "What do you think I can sell it for"

His response: "I'll check out Mitchell Price Guide and then said, "I'll give you $875.00."

I went home and checked out Kelley Blue Book online and according to their website my estimate was no more than $2900, so basically I could sell it for under $3k. I was thinking something just not sound right here, acccording to what Nick has quoted.

Next, I drove down to his center again and said Nick "You offered me $875.00 to buy my truck, but Kelley Blue Book price was higher than what he quoted. I don't understand the difference, he said Mitchell is for dealers and auto shops to obtain estimate. I said appeared to me that he deducted the amount to do the timing chain repair from the Mitchell price.

Based on my observation, his body language was showing signs of nervousness as I wrote notes down on my note pad. Then I said, hmmm...okay and you quoted me that the repairs would cost $1300-1500 to drop the engine to perform a service to my timing chain cover, he then said, did I say that...let me check my notes.

Again, I could tell by the tone of his voice and his body motions that he was being a dishonest. Nick said," let me speak with my mechanic". He came back in and then said, it was a "rear main seal leak". He searched his computer system to find his written write up. His next response was our system purged my notes. That is not accurate, he must have a written record of the service he performed on my vehicle.

His story changed multiple times and at this time I became very very made because I gave him a chance to aplogize, but he continued to attempt to fabricate more lies to protect himself. I told him he is a lying - thieving, predator and will file a complaint against his unethical business practices.

He showed me the problem--it's a "radiator hose leak" as we both looked underneath my truck, "not a timing cover leak". I sold the truck to him and my neighbor said he will testify Nick Sargony's diagnostic is false. He even told me that once he repairs the hose problem, he will give it to me at evidence to validate our claim.


I researched the internet for complaints against his auto center and found similiar at regarding customer complaints about him recommending unecessary auto repairs.

My observation: There is a pattern of unlawful, suspicious, and fraudulent business activity. He is engaging in unlawful/fraudulent business practices.

My action:

I am filing formal complaints against his auto center in an attempt to expose auto repair fraud and corruption. Please make note of this and inform friends and family not to take your vehicles to his establishment for auto repair. This man is a predator and I am reporting him to organizations that execute justice, upon finding this man guilty as charged.

Product or Service Mentioned: Napa Autocare Center Repair.

Reason of review: Fraudulent behavior.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Almost frauded for $1500 in uneccessary repairs. This is fraud and has been reported to FTC, BAR, social media, sent emails to friends and family. It's over time to expose corruption. It's just getting started!!!.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1078647

yeah.. found that Firestones' Master Tech and Goodyear's Good Wrench are all scams..

then there is Napa Car Center and the others.. I'm sticking to my group of 'word of mouth' good guy mechanics..

and those of family and friends.. but, no more on the National Brands!


This is another not so hot NAPA AUTO SHOP these people couldnt care less.

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